This novel is about a wild, willing romance and a real love set in the beginning of the twentieth century. Zeke is twenty-two, when he runs into Ginger Red. Both share a ferocious time together but suddenly she disappears.

Days later he meets Sara. She is a Sunday school teacher. Sara is so young, so different and so wonderful. He thinks he can’t live without her, and he doesn’t. Through the marriage with Sara, Zeke becomes one of the richest and most prestigious men in the South. But Red Ginger is still in his mind. 



Floyd S. Waldrep started writing seriously after his retirement. Born in 1907 in Fultown, Mississippi, Waldrep’s novels and memoirs are set in the American South.  He is now living in Alabama. Floyd S. Waldrep is also the author of the novel Hilltown.


Fundamental for: 

- American Studies

- Creative Writing


 ISBN 1-931948-33-X


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