Joachim Frank
Aan Zee.
Aan Zee is about the tragic-comic search of a man for his identity between two cultures. It is a modern Bildungsroman, in the sense that the heroe searches for a purpose and is transformed in the process.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Frances Raval
The Story of Dora
In this incandescent novel Frances Raval gives superbly vivid, powerful and at times wickedly funny portrayals of the foundations of Freudian psychoanalysis as it emerged in the 1890s and thus by implication of the inner life of the whole epoch.
€24,95 Couv. souple (DCC)


Edward Friedman
Starting Times
“Try again. Fail again. Fail better,” Samuel Beckett once said. Starting Times is an admirable play that reminds us of Spanish Golden Age theater’s quid pro quo situations. It is Edward Friedman's first original play.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Alain Saint-Saëns
The Wagon. The Jump.
Universally acclaimed for his powerful first play in English about Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, Ordeal at the Superdome, French playwright Alain Saint-Saëns now delivers two new majors works, The Wagon and The Jump thru Holocaust and September 11, 2001.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Ilinca Ilian
Alain Saint-Saëns dramaturgo.
Los trabajos reunidos en este libro representan un homenaje internacional por 17 universitarios y escritores al escritor de origen francés radicado desde 2008 en Paraguay, país cuyo destino histórico ha marcado poderosamente su universo mental y literario
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
José Agustín
Vicious Circle
Peering into the labyrinth of Mexico’s justice system in the 1970s, Vicious Circle could have been written yesterday. Mexican playwright José Agustín skillfully integrates enduring themes relevant in contemporary Mexico—drugs, crime, and corruption.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Robert E. Bayliss
Peculiar Lives in Early Modern Spain
The essays collected in this volume, Peculiar Lives in Early Modern Spain, reflect both the substance and impact of Amy Williamsen's professional legacy. Essays are linked by their thematic resonance with Amy’s own eclectic scholarship.
€29,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
J. Yuri Porras
Living the Comedia
Amy Williamsen (1959-2019) was a beloved teacher, scholar, colleague and mentor to those fortunate enough to have known and worked with her. The essays collected in this volume reflect both the substance and impact of her professional legacy.
€29,95 Couv. souple (DCC)


Abdelfettah Elkchirid
Rerooting the Uprooted
Re-Rooting the Uprooted. Raising a Muslim in Canada is an inside look at the Moroccan Muslim community in Quebec. The book answers the question of how Muslim values are transmitted from one generation to another in multicultural Canada.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Alain Saint-Saëns
Aisha, princesse de Sfax, est un roman 'tunisien' écrit par Alain Saint-Saëns pendant un séjour d'un an en Tunisie. Il narre la rencontre amoureuse et tragique d'une jeune femme médecin et d'un diplomate français plus âgé, choc de cultures et de religions
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)


Ian W. Brown
China Memories.
These memories derive from a journey that the author took in China in February and March of 1999 as a member of the Zhong Xian Archaeological Project. His trip largely focused on the province of Sichuan, but several days were spent in and around Beijing.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Malina Stefanovska
Le destin d’une enfant exilée, coupée de ses racines, est analysé par une femme mûre qui se sent devenir étrangère à soi-même.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)


Alain Saint-Saëns
Paladín de la libertad.
Brillante ensayo crítico, el nuevo libro de Alain Saint-Saëns, dedicado a la poesía de Juan Manuel Marcos, es al mismo tiempo una incursión apasionante dentro de la historia literaria, cultural y política del Paraguay del siglo XX.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Ludovic Obiang
Lire Odyssées de Constant Oyono
Dans ce livre très intéressant et bien construit à caractère pédagogique, le Professeur Chercheur du CENAREST au Gabon Ludovic Obiang analyse l'oeuvre poétique magnifique, Odyssées, du grand poète africain Constant Oyono.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Julio Baena
Dividuals explores the other side, or hidden side of modern subjectivity, as seen in early modern Spanish classics. This essay looks into how, as humans, and as humanists, we have a long history of showing dividuality, a never-ending split in our beings.
€29,95 Couv. souple (DCC)


Lucile Haute
Formules 22
Les outils et technologies numériques, bien intégrés et invisibles, donnent lieu à des pratiques artistiques d'appropriation, de détournement, d'expérimentation et de création qui peuvent être abordées d'un point de vue poétique aussi bien que critique.
€29,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Cécile De Bary
Formules 21
L’Oulipo investit les savoirs de manière remarquable, et cet investissement contribue pour une grande part à la spécificité du groupe. Le but qu’il s’est fixé est l’élaboration d’outils destinés aux auteurs littéraires.
€29,95 Couv. souple (DCC)


Jean-Charles Jeffrey Wohkittel
Songs to Number Six
Songs to Number Six arises as a book of poems imbued with an undoubtable stylistic sense of unity and coherence that is bound to persist and survive in infinite time and space as well as a six-dimensional universe of completion and perfection.
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)
Teresa of Avila
The Complete Poetry
'Eric W. Vogt is one of the very finest Golden Age scholars in the United States and a major translator. I salute his astonishing translation of Teresa of Avila's poetry'. Alain Saint-Saëns (Professor of Spanish History, Universidad del Norte, Paraguay).
€19,95 Couv. souple (DCC)